wow its been so long whats up yall so heres the updates

1 - i am soooo stressed out lately i cry every second of the day

2 - i hate my sister

3 - my friends <3 ignoring me which frankly is super annoying thats why i used to never text anyone

4 - idk life kinda sucks lately

OMG i left for too long i lost a thousand followers omg…emgslgksrdgwesd

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i can’t wait to be a tree for halloween this year, watch out boys

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just dropped by to tell yall i knew it was fuckin ezra since 2 damn years ago and no one believed me i was CONVINCED 

and also i have a crush on a super cute boy


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1- ap french

2- apush

3 - ib precal

4- ap english lit

5 - personal career

6 - ap bio

7- ap geo

8- intern